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If you consider yourself a “video creator,” it’s probably safe to say you love what you do. But it’s important to make sure you get paid for it.

I love creating video and if I can help you make money so you can continue to do what you love as well, that’s my mission! So I’ve compiled a list of 10 different ways that you can make money making videos. But before I dive in, just know that there are many ways to make money as a videographer, but I have carefully picked the practices that I have either done or plan do practice in the future.

In this featured video we cover all the topics that we talk about in this article! Feel free to watch or read! The blog is for easier reference though!

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1. Youtube

Youtube is a popular source of income for many. Many people have gone full time making Youtube videos for a living. Don’t be fooled though. This is a long process. While there are some exceptions to this, for most people, fame doesn’t happen over night. It will take time to gain a following and grow a revenue stream.

But don’t let the small pay stop you if you love making content that will teach people or entertain an audience. I recommend though, when you upload the content, set it up to be monitized. Monitizing a video sets it up to have ads placed on it, after the Advertiser pays youtube, Youtube pays you a very small percentage of the payment. Because of this, it is not easy to make money on Youtube. Unless you are raking in 5,000,000+ subscribers, you will need to have a business backing the channel for more consistant income.

2. Video Editing Services

You might not have a ton of video work at the moment that needs done. You might consider this a problem. Believe it or not though, some have the opposite problem. They may have bit off a little bit more than they can chew and need some help. That’s where you come in.

Video editing is a job that you can do from home that can be very lucrative if you maintain a good connection with your videographer clients. Many videographers are not only the videographers for their company but are the secretary, editor, book keeper, and salesman. They would probably be happy to take something off their plate.

Speaking as a videographer though, it might be hard for me to  give up such responsibility to someone I don’t know. Which may be an obstacle for you as the editor. But this is an opportunity to make a connection that could last a long time. If you are financially capable of doing so, I recommend offering to do one smaller video for very cheep or free.

This will open up the client to the possibility of delegating the work to you. Tell that potential client that if they are happy with the results, you can set up a fair rate with them and you will be their sole video editor. Their work load ends up a little lighter. And you’re wallet ends up a little thicker.  Everyone wins.

3. Selling Stock Footage

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what recourses you think you have, everyone can do this. All you need is a camera and an eye for composition. Whether you love on the beach, or on a farm, there is always something to shoot that someone might need and be willing to pay for.

Just recently I needed a clip of a old lightbulb being turned on. I personally don’t have an old fashioned light bulb that I could go shoot myself but I figured somebody did. Sure enough, someone was selling stock footage of it. All you need to do is shoot things around your house, landscapes, or people in interesting ways. There’s a good shot that SOMEONE out there needs that clip.

Could you shoot something as simple as that? Of course you can! Upload it to sites such as and let the Passive Income start to roll in.

4. Rent Your Gear

If work is slow, your equipment is probably sitting somewhere collecting dust. Wipe the dust off and start letting that equipment make money for you. You may find that you have what some videographers need, but aren’t ready to pay full price to buy when they can rent from you for cheaper. There are many sites out there to be the middle man between you and renters. One of my favorites is because they have so many locations around the United States making it easy for anyone to try this  out.

5. Business Videos

The idea of creating business videos can mean many different things. This could mean an animated explainer video, or a cinematic video that shows what makes this company special as well as case studies from their customers. Here’s the deal, we live in a video filled world and the demand for online video gets higher and higher. A company website with too much text and no video, is simply a missed opportunity. Companies around you, large or small, need your help! Do some research on why companies need video and educate these business owners. They will thank you for it and its can be a very lucrative videography job if you educate clients effectively and charge a smart amount.

6. Sporting Events

This is a great option whether you are a high school student or an experienced videographer. Many sporting teams look for videographers to capture their game for review later, to see what can be improved upon. This doesn’t tend to bring in a ton of money, but it can be easy money.

7. Real Estate

When buyers are looking for a new house they want to be able to take a tour of the house, right from their computer to save time. Build a relationship with a realtor or two and you are already on your way. Every realtor uses still photos on their website. However, photos aren’t enough when it comes to large houses or large properties. That’s when they turn to video to reach a larger clientele. Be sure to also capture the surrounding area and nearby amenities to really help push the sale of the house. Like always, if you do a great job on the video, you’ll be asked to shoot more properties.

8. Live event streaming

Sports events, graduations. There are family members all over the world that want to watch their love ones graduate or make that big touch down but live far away. Offer your services to record and stream the event online.

9. Online Freelancing Websites

The internet has totally changed this industry. Now you can create profiles on sites like UpworkThumbtack, and Fiverr, who work as middle-men for and clients to find freelancers for any project. You can also follow industry sites like Staff Me Up or Stage 32 for gigs in your area. As always, there’s also the Craigslist route too.

10. Weddings

Weddings are the easiest video job you can fall into. Someone is always getting married, therefore there is someone you know personally that needs your services. Don’t look at it as easy money though. While the money can come fast and you can make over a thousand to two thousand dollars per weekend once you get good. That said, they are a ton of work, so be sure you are charging enough to make it worth your time, even when starting out.  When I first started filming weddings, I made sure to cover my costs, while making a few extra dollars to pocket. After getting a couple bookings under my belt, those clients turned into more clients because their friends liked my services. It snowballed into starting my first company, First Look Videography. Before I knew it I started getting more business than I could handle. I no longer had to shoot every wedding… just the weddings I wanted to. I still shoot weddings to this day, and it is a very lucrative business the more preactice you get.


For you video lovers out there, I know how you are. You just love to CREATE. Let me assure you, doing that while making money makes creating content so much more fun than it already is! If you have a different way of making money as a videographer, make sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments below and let me know what I missed. If you are new to Forge Media and have not yet subscribed to our Youtube Channel, I encourage you to do so to check out videos every Tuesday and Friday!