It’s pretty likely that you have noticed a surge in online video in the recent years. We’re living in the days of Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook Live. Video is everywhere because consumers demand it. If there is such a high demand for video, then how should you be using video as a tool to create sales in your business?

In this article, I am focusing on how to use video to get more sales, but video can also be used in more of a passive approach such as to grow a relationship with your audience, or to spread a message.

1. Explainer Videos

This is where the video journey starts for many companies. It is a captivating way to explain what the business’ goals are to new visitors. An explainer video can also be looked at as a tutorial video with the purpose of explaining how to use a product or how it works.

The purpose of an explainer video is to quickly answer any general questions about the company or product before the viewer get’s bored and clicks away.

An explainer video can come in many forms. The simplest form would be a “talking-head” style video. This is likely the most effective in a tutorial video because you are talking directly to the audience, building trust, and showing your audience how they can use your product in the comfort of their own home.

The other style for explainer videos would be animation or white board style. These are also useful in tutorial style videos, but if you are looking to explain what your business does and how you can serve the customer, I recommend this style. They can be made at a low cost and capture your audience’s attention.


2. Testimonial Videos

It’s simply the power of social proof. When it comes to establishing trust with potential customers, you need to be featuring testimonials on your website. Testimonials act as proof that you will deliver on your promises. Testimonials are a necessary part to social proof because it helps us connect with likeminded individuals.

Sure, you could add a list of testimonials to a web page and expect your potential customers to read the page. Or you can add video testimonials to your page. Video testimonials add an entirely new level of social proof. You are not just given a chance to experience a likeminded person’s review but you are able to see the face of that individual.

Customers will see the smile on their face, the genuineness in their eyes, and the passion in their voice. This is not something that a potential customer can experience through mere text.

The best part, this can be shot on a smart phone if you are really lacking the video equipment resources. The higher the production value the better but the goal here is not to impress  your customers with production, but it is to impress them with how well you serve your customer time and time again.


3. Product Reviews

According to Forbes writer Jayson DeMers, “88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” This is a staggering number that should be taken seriously! However you cannot do a product review of your own product. Customers will see that as self promotion and not a trustworthy review.

So how do you get people to review your product? Firstly, you need to be confident that your product or service will receive a good review! Next, start by reaching out to individuals you know have used your product or service and ask them to review.

If you don’t have much of a customer base, I recommend reaching out to influencers in your niche and offering to give them a free sample of their product for an honest video review. You may get a few people who say no but many will jump on the opportunity for free products at a very minimal cost to you! If you want, you can use these review videos on your website, but these review videos will also stand alone on the influencers platform you reached out to and get traffic that way.

Video is such a powerful tool and is taking over the internet and I am confident that if you include these videos in your business marketing strategy you will see a very quick return on your investment because the cost to you as a business owner is so low.

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