Post it on a highly-trafficked page on your website

Why does your business have a website? Likely for the reason that most businesses have a website, which is to create a central hub where your users can consume your content. You want your audience to be coming back time and time again because the more they do, the more their are willing to trust you.

This about it, the people who visit your website once a week or more are typically the people that trust you the most and are your loyal following.

How do we grow trust though? There are direct and indirect ways to grow trust with your audience, and video can do both

Direct approach to building trust: In a video, blog post, podcast, or any other form of content medium, share a strategy or technique with your audience that offers a specific reward. (i.e. “Try the XYZ fishing technique and increase the number of fish you catch.” If it works… instant trust.)

Indirect approach to building trust: The longer you can keep a user on your website the more they begin to trust you subconsciously (assuming you don’t do anything to give them a reason to not trust you or your business.) The longer they are on your website, the more it becomes a part of them.

For example, if I asked you what your favorite website is, you would probably quickly answer. It may be Facebook, YouTube, or maybe even your favorite blog. Why does that answer come to mind so quickly? Because it has become a part of you and has become your “go-to” website.

So where does video come into play?

As we determined, the longer a user decides to stay on your website, the more your website becomes a part of them (again, assuming you don’t break that trust. Don’t break their trust.)

So how do we naturally increase the amount of time someone spends on our website?


Find the highest performing page on your website. It can be a blog post, a landing page, whatever. Find a way to add a video to it. In the twenty-first century we are becoming more and more trained to click on a video to watch on a website.

Adding this video to your already high traffic page can exponentially increase the amount of time spent on your website.

Add it to your email automation sequence

When someone opts in to your newsletter, this is a good opportunity to introduce yourself or your company, as well as tell them about the different pieces of content they can expect to see in their inbox.

In many cases (not all), this is the first time a user has interacted with your brand or watched one of your videos. This is not only a chance to create a close personal connection with that audience member but it’s also a chance to grow your brand.

What you could do in an email automation sequence video:

  • Introduce your brand/company
  • Give a step by step tutorial on how to “Whitelist” the emails that come from you
  • Invite them to be a part of the community by following your social media profiles
  • Guide them on where they can go next on your website

What it looks like

If you missed it, last week I talked about 5 areas where you can add video to your business. In that article I talked about adding video to your email sequences. did an interesting study that found that when video is featured in an email over 40% more readers of the email broadcasts clicked through to view the blogpost on the other side.

In fact, all Wista had to do was add a play button to the video thumbnail and it triggered over 40% more people to click on that image.

So you do not necessarily have to embed a video into your email automation sequence but adding a thumbnail with a play button can dramatically increase the click through traffic.

To add the play button to your videos, I recommend either using Photoshop if you have it, or using the free software, Canva.

Optimize it to show up on YouTube

This is one of the video marketing strategies that I get most excited about because this is the key to getting your YouTube videos seen on YouTube.

However I will preface that in order to go into great detail with YouTube optimization, this should honestly be a blog post of its own. In fact, it is! Click here to view the in depth tutorial on YouTube SEO.

In this article however I’ll be going over YouTube SEO 101.

YouTube Search Engine Optimization 101

There are four pieces to the YouTube optimization puzzle:

  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Tags
  • Thumbnails

The first three are dependent on finding and including the keywords that people are searching for. For example I found that many people on YouTube were searching for the term “What Macbook should I buy?”

What I did with that information is I created a video answering that exact question. Then when I prepared to post it to YouTube, I made sure I put THAT EXACT KEYWORD in the title, description and tags. I want YouTube to know that my video needs to show up when someone searches for that term.

This is the reason that I called my video “Which Macbook Should I Buy 2017,” instead of calling it, “Sam’s Pro Guide for Purchasing an Apple Computer.”

While that title does accurately describe what the video is about, there’s not a single keyword in that title!

After adding the keywords you find into your title, start to add multiple keywords that you find has high traffic in the YouTube description, and YouTube tags.

You don’t want to just load keywords into the description. That goes against YouTube’s Terms of Service. Be sure to incorporate the keywords into a sentence in paragraph form.

The thumbnail is the outcast of the four puzzle pieces but equally as important. Unlike the other three it doesn’t matter what text you include, it just needs to be visually compelling and draw people to click.

If you have a boring thumbnail, the rest of your optimization might be on point, but it doesn’t matter because no one is drawn to click.

Repurpose It

Lastly, don’t let your video content just sit on it’s own. Work smarter, not harder. The content in your video can be used elsewhere as well.

Doing a “How-To” video? Turn it into a blog post to broaden your reach.

Are you doing a interview style video? Rip the audio out of that and turn it into a podcast to broaden your reach.

Are you doing a slideshow style video? Turn it into a webinar to broaden your reach.

Are you seeing a theme here?

Just because you are adding video to your business does not mean you need to start creating a ton new content. The content can remain the same, just the form of a different piece of media. For what purpose? You guessed it, to broaden your reach.

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