Who is Sam?

Brand Spanking New to Video?

Video is taking over the internet and if you want to get noticed online, the quickest way is through video. Maybe you already know that though… But the anxiety of a camera has got you procrastinating on entering the scary world of video!

Look, as an entrepreneur, I understand you have better things to do than toy with a video camera for an hour wondering how to position it so you or your product looks the best.

I get it! Allow me to help.

I’m Sam, the host of the Forge Media School YouTube channel.

I’ve created this platform to help entrepreneurs like you scale their business by taking advantage of the power of video online.

I’m here to help you learn how to create the perfect sales video, optimize your videos to be seen by thousands of new customers, or even brand your online video presence.

I started making videos as a hobby when I was about 12. Believe it or not, when I was this young I knew two things. 1. I want to make videos for the rest of my life! 2. I want to be an entrepreneur. Doing what? I didn’t know that much..!

I went on to start my own video production business where I create promotional videos and informational videos for businesses. I also optimize my clients videos to be seen by hundreds of thousands of new clients/customers.

I ultimately wanted to teach entrepreneurs how to do this themselves. It’s possible with a little guidance! Your journey to create awesome videos that sell for you and your business is right around the corner!

I wanted to be a movie star.

Back in the day, I was a pretty cool kid! Why? Because I had a camera and knew how to post videos to Myspace. High five to you if you remember Myspace!

One of our most “popular” videos was our “extreme” stunts videos. I put those in “” marks because it was neither popular or extreme! It consisted of us standing on large rubber balls and sliding down the stairs.

Here’s the thing. WE thought we were cool.

I am very much an introvert.

Ya know how when you grow up and learn more about yourself..? This personality trait of mine is still a mystery to me.

When I go out to eat with a group of people, I typically don’t like it when there is more than 5 or 6 people there. For some reason, I start to get uncomfortable. BUT.

I’m completely comfortable public speaking and speaking in front of hundreds of people. How that makes any since, I am still trying to figure out myself.

I enjoy singing and playing guitar.

When I was younger I was a part of children’s musical productions at my church. I refused to ever take a solo, though! I’m was way too cool of a 11 year old for that embarrassment!

Except the ironic part..?

Now, I lead worship on Sunday mornings fairly regularly at my church where I sing and play guitar. It took me a while to get out of my shell but once I did I  found something I really enjoy!