2 Simple Steps to Learning After Effects Fast

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. After Effects, at least in my experience has been one of the most versatile programs out there. There are so many options and tools and toggles that when people open the program they get intimidated and shut it down. There is a reason that motion…

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5 Tips On Getting Clients with No Experience

  1. Tell Your Friends and Family What You Do These are your biggest fans. These are the people who are willing to help you however they can. As we will talk about more in a later tip, people won’t know your business exists if you don’t tell them. The very first step would be…

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Hold the Shot and Improve Your B-Roll

Picture of videography

Recently I was filming a wedding for my freelance business, First Look Videography, and had such a great time. The couple I was shooting was amazing, I for the first time had a second shooter with me, my girlfriend, which made everything so much less stressful, and the photosession made for some gorgeous shots. I…

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