Today we’re looking at creating planning content for online video marketing. For all those Planners at heart, this video is for you. If you are the type of person who can’t just turn on the camera and wing it, you might find that scripting out your videos might be the best solution. Now when I say “scripting,” I don’t necessarily mean reading from a teleprompter word for word.

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Instead we’re looking more at creating an outline for you to refer to as you create your video content. Goodbye are the days of thinking “Crap. Where was I going with that?” when the camera is rolling.

And GUESS WHAT. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you make a video.

In fact, there is a formula that I use in every video that I just insert new content into every time. Let me walk you through that formula.

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  • The Hook
  • The Introduction
  • The Body
    • Sub Point 1
      • Value packed details
    • Sub Point 2
      • Value packed details
    • Sub Point 3
      • Value packed details
    • Continue if necessary…
  • The CTA (Call to Action)

Let me break down this formula for you as well as I can. Just go ahead and watch this video to see how you can incorporate this formula into your video content strategy.

IN FACT, if this formula is any help to you, you might find my free guide even more helpful. Hopefully this makes your video marketing efforts a bit simpler.

The Video Planning Cheat Sheet is a Mad-Libs-Style fill in the blank formula. Just input your own content into the already made video script!

To download that guide click the button below!

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