4 Important Reasons Video Is VITAL for Your Business

why every business should be creating video content

Every year we see that video is becoming more and more of a prominent role not only on social media but within a business content creation strategy.

We see these statistics and they are fascinating, but WHY? Why is video so important for business? Here’s four reasons why you need to include video in your business immediately.

Search Results

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do out there on the web, you likely want you or your business to be found when someone searches for something online. The number one search engine out there right now is Google, so it is a game changer for your business if you are able to reach the first page of Google. Why? Well, typically, people do not go to the second page of Google unless they are really desperate. In fact, when was the last time you went past the first page? Most people try searching something else if they don’t see what they want.

This means that getting on the first page of a search is crucial. With so much noise out there on the internet, how do you break through the crowd? Video.

The SECOND largest search engine in the world, YouTube, is actually owned by the first, Google. So as you would image, Google’s algorithm tends to rank videos higher in search results that live on YouTube to promote it’s sister company.

Within the past few years we have seen large platforms such as Google, Facebook, and even Twitter start to make a push toward more video content on their platforms. For Google, this means that you have increased chances to be seen on Google’s first page if you create great video content.

Build Relationships and Community

When done right a video or series of videos can really promote a sense of community between the video creator(s) and the engaged audience. I recommend making consistent content that people are excited to watch every week.

Some of the ways to build relationships and community on your channel include

  • Share Your Mission – If your mission is to reach moms who want to take a break from their kids and express their crafty side, explain that! Imagine if you are a mom who is exhausted and is craving to do some scrapbooking. You would feel like you found a place to BELONG. And that is the idea. Create a sense of belonging with your audience.
  • Consistency – On this blog, I remind creators to be consistent with an upload schedule all the time, while that’s true, that’s not exactly what I’m talking about here. Be consistent on the format of your videos. Pick a format and stick to it.Do you have a funny blooper at the end? What about a clip of you getting hyped up at the beginning of every video? Some people even say the question they are going to answer before they jump into the logo bumper. Pick a format your audience loves and stick with it!

Increases Engagement

If you’re making a video for your business you are likely trying to teach your audience something or show them a strategy or technique of some sort. The goal of your video should not just be to teach them something and say, “Ok! Thanks for watching! Bye bye!” Your goal needs to be to keep them coming back for more video content.

The more people come back the more YouTube sees your channel as an authority figure in your niche and the higher YouTube will rank you by default.

How do you increase the engagement??

  1. Provide value to the viewer! – When people watch your video and they find great value out of the video they will want to engage because you helped them out in some way. People will feel grateful their question has been answered! That is going to get people in the comments thanking you or asking you questions.
  2. Reply to EVERY comment! – The great thing about YouTube is that you can use the platform to be a two way conversation between you and your audience. Simply replying to a comment can go a long way in the psychology of the original commenter. When people watch your video and get awesome value out of a video, our brains subconsciously put that video creator on a pedestal. When they see a reply from you, the creator, they feel this sense of friendship and community with you and will come back to new videos and engage again. (SIDE NOTE: You don’t need to respond to the haters. They are likely internet trolls. Let them troll then block them.)
  3. Ask. – This seems pretty basic but many people don’t think to ask their viewers to engage. Don’t expect your audience to just like, comment and subscribe. They might think to do it on their own but asking them to will increase your engagement rate exponentially. (PRO TIP: At the end of every video, ask your viewers a question that they can answer in the comments related to the video topic. Give them a reason to comment.)

Trust Factor and Conversions

Ultimately, this is the biggest reason that you should be producing online video. While all of the above factors are important pieces to the puzzle, getting people to comment on your videos doesn’t keep the lights on in your business. You gotta pay the bills and make some profit!

So the question for every business owner should be “Will video content increase my conversions?” The answer…?


How so? Well let me show you an awesome statistic. According to a study done by VideoRascal 85% of people who watch an explainer video about a product or service are more likely to make a purchase.

Imagine the return on investment that would come from just producing one overall explainer video for your business.

What do YOU think? Be sure to comment!