4 Areas Where You Can Add Video Content in Your Business

I talk a lot about why businesses should be adding video content to their strategies. However many entrepreneurs are quickly turned off by this advice. Well let me share with you what I think will calm your nerves.


Optimizing Your Pre Existing Content Strategy

I talk a lot about why businesses should be adding video content to their strategies. However, many entrepreneurs are quickly turned off by this advice. Let me share with you what I think will calm your nerves. I’m not saying that you need to create MORE content. But what I am sharing and would like to share is how you can use video to complement your already great content.

One way that businesses create content is through blogging, and many business have already been doing it for years. This generates buzz around their content and also generates a following. If this describes your business then you have an archive full of video ideas sitting in your blog pages.

Take your old content and give it new life. Create a video around the topic of one of your blogs and speak about the content mentioned in that article. Discover how you can show, using video, as opposed to telling, in a blog post. Video is very visual, after all.

Once you have your video, add it to your old blog post and begin to re-promote that blog post and video. Adding a blog to your video can increase the time the average user spends on your website dramatically.

Adding video content to your old blog posts can turn a blog post with no traffic to one of your higher performing blog posts because of the amount of time users will be able to consume content on that post.


One of the biggest assets of a business is an email list. If all else were to fail, you still have a list of audience members who are interested in what you have to say and will listen. It isn’t enough to just get people to sign up for a newsletter or download a free giveaway.

In order to create a thriving fanbase through your email list, you need to nurture your list and give your audience what they want.

But have you ever noticed that even when you try to deliver great value though a blog post that you linked up to in their email, many people in your audience still don’t click through to read the post?

Well, Wistia.com did a A/B split test by using video in an email broadcast to over 11,000 people. They sent two different emails split across this group. With all things equal, the only difference between the two emails is one had an image snapshot of a video featured in the post, and another had that same image in the email, but with a play button over the image. The goal was to send a mental trigger to the viewer that a video was available on the other side of clicking the link.

It worked!

Wistia saw a 40.83% increase in the amount of click throughs with the email with the video play button. That is not something to be taken lightly because this is just one small little element that you can add to your email sequences to see rapid improvement in your click through rates.

What does that mean for you and your business? It doesn’t mean that you need to put a video in your emails. In fact, many email service providers won’t even allow you to do so. No problem.

  1. Take a snapshot of a compelling frame in your video.
  2. Use a photo manipulation software such as Canva.com to add a play button to the image
  3. Download from Canva and upload this image to your email service provider.
  4. Link this image to your blog post. When people click on your thumbnail, they are redirected to your blog post.

Thank You Pages

As I mentioned in the previous section, an email list is the foundation for any business. You need to have a place where users can opt-in to join your email list and typically these opt in forms will send users to a thankyou page after they sign up.

An email address is a very personal possession for people to give up. They opted in to your form because they trust you enough to give you that information. As soon as they give away this personal information to you, that is a great opportunity to grow a personal and close connection with them.

Video can help you do exactly that. Put a video on your thank you page thanking each user for signing up for your give away or newsletter. A video will allow you to show the face and personality behind your business.

What else can you mention in this particular video?

  • Provide more value that complements the initial give away that they signed up for
  • Introduce yourself/your business to people who don’t know much about you yet.
  • Tell people about your Facebook Page/Group and ask them to join the community
  • Walk your users through how to whitelist your emails to ensure they don’t end up in spam

As you can see, the video on your thank you page has the opportunity to grow your social media following and/or ignite a deeper relationship with your audience or customers.

Social Media Videos

It doesn’t matter what type of industry you are in, one rule applies across all business. Meet people where they are at. If my industry is Retirement Services for senior citizens, I probably won’t spend too much time trying to grow my Snapchat following. It would be a waste of time!

Today, people from all ages are on Facebook, and this social media site is quickly becoming one of the best ways to reach an interested audience with online video.

Now when I am talking about video content on Facebook, I am NOT talking about creating video content for YouTube and then linking that video on my Facebook page. We’re talking native Facebook video content.

Why? Because Facebook, just like any other website, wants you to stay on their site. So their algorithm is set up to hide posts from users that have links to external websites such as YouTube. Also, Facebook is currently making a serious push for video on their platform, which means they will show as many people as possible your Facebook native video.

Again, don’t feel like you need to create all new types of content for every platform. A blog can be turned into a video with similar content. That video can be used on both Facebook and YouTube, reaching different audiences while spreading the same message.

What do YOU think? Be sure to comment!